Blog #3- Ambassador's Virtual Show Blog

Blog #3- Ambassador's Virtual Show Blog

Lowri, our Ambassador has added another entry to her blog, documenting her time as RWAS Ambassador

Well, what a strange week last week was. I’m sure, like many of you, I woke up many a morning wishing I was waking up in a caravan, tent or trailer.

More about Virtual Show week later, but I have had plenty going on to keep me busy over the last month or so. On the 1st July I committed to walking 20 miles a week for 3 weeks for the RWAS #20in20 fundraising appeal. This was to raise money for 3 really important rural charities- RABI, the DPJ Foundation and Tir Dewi. I mainly stayed close to home for walks and a couple of runs, and discovered new footpaths which was great. The weather was generally kind so had some lovely walks, bar one day where I completely misunderstood the forecast and got soaking, and there was one day where I walked through Dad’s silage field after a rain shower in trainers and leggings resulting in walking home with soggy feet and legs. You can still donate here

20th July, a date that has been highlighted across all diaries and calendars here at home, brought ‘show’ week, and even though we didn’t have the usual flurry of packing the caravan and getting the silage done the week before, the RWAS Virtual Show kept me busy. I attended many, if not most of the scheduled sessions organised by the Society and Partners that week and thoroughly enjoyed listening and learning about various aspects of rural life and it’s developments, concerns and opportunities. As we are all aware we live in challenging times with Covid-19 and implications of Brexit, but I have every confidence that we are up for the challenge and ready to embrace the opportunities that change brings here in the Welsh agriculture sector.

The RWAS Future Generations Committee, which I am a member of organised a really interesting panel discussion on the Monday evening on the subject of Farming and Rural Wales in 2050 which had a great panel including Sophie Howe, Future Generations Commissioner for Wales. If you missed it you can watch it back here

When I wasn’t at the ‘virtual show’ I was either listening to the radio or watching coverage on the television, which also contributed to my alternative ‘show week’.

For the Virtual Show I was involved in creating a couple of the sessions, along with Emily Rees, 2019 Ambassador and Jacob Anthony, 2022 Ambassador. Thank you guys!

As the Ambassador’s role is celebrating 50 years in 2020 we thought we should celebrate the last 50 years highlighting how the role has adapted over the years. If you would like to take a look at the content I created, they can be found here:

Celebrating 50 years of the Ambassador’s role

Learn all about the Ambassador’s role

A message from the Clwyd President and Ambassador

I really enjoyed creating the content and doing these videos, but I’m definitely not a natural and it took me a lot longer and more takes than I thought! I think I should thank Dad here for being most patient doing the filming!!

On Monday 27 July, I attended The DPJ Foundation’s Mental Health Awareness training via zoom, to skill up on how I can support others in the community as well as myself in relation to mental health and wellbeing. While I’ve been in the Ambassador’s role I have met and spent time with a lot of people from the agricultural and rural community in my area and it was really useful to learn about what to look out for, what to ask and say and where to signpost people for support.

Now my focus returns to Clwyd 2020/2021 to continue with our fundraising work. We will need to be creative and adapt our usual ways of fundraising but I, and the rest of the team are very much looking forward to get going again.

Joiwch yr hâf/ Enjoy the Summer,