Blog #2- Ambassador’s Lockdown Blog

Blog #2- Ambassador’s Lockdown Blog

I definitely had not envisaged when I wrote my first blog as the RWAS Ambassador that my second would be of this nature.

I hope you are all keeping safe, healthy and well. I want to start by sending you all my very best wishes.

As we all have, I’ve had to adapt to this new world. I moved back in with my parents at the beginning of lock-down back to my old bedroom (which I actually stay in a couple of nights a week anyway!!). The first few weeks we were lambing so my social life would not have been that exciting anyway, but May was the month that things were meant to really get going again for Clwyd 2020. We had our Grassland event, a Country Fair weekend and of course the Smallholding and Countryside Festival. Mum had them all in our Family Wall Planner in the kitchen and I think when we turned the page from April to May and the realisation that the month would now be empty that reality hit us.

My work life, like many other has also changed – I worked from home a couple of days a week anyway, but doing it 5 days a week has made me realise how much I valued my office time; talking over and sharing ideas with colleagues. I have been temporarily moved to the Welsh Governments Health and Social Care department to help with communications work. I’m learning new ways of working, new skills and hopefully contributing with some of mine.

In my first blog, I mentioned my pledge of 20 days in 2020 as the Ambassador. Many of the ‘days’ that I had planned have been cancelled or are not possible as things currently stand. So I have been thinking of some new ideas and trying to work out alternatives to some of the others. Time will tell which ones will be possible and I will update you when I can.

As I’m sure most of you will know, Clwyd’s year as the Feature County has been extended by a year, therefore we are looking forward to continuing into 2021. We wait and see what is possible in terms of fundraising and when. I’ve been posting an image a day on our social media channels which has brought back a lot of lovely memories from our fundraising so far.

When I have a moment of feeling sad about the climate we find ourselves in I just think to myself that what we are doing now will help to ensure that we are here to enjoy it other’s company in the future. No-one knows what the future will hold, with lots of talk of a ‘new-normal’ and I am full of confidence that the Society and its Members will embrace and take on the challenge together.

Take care, Lowri