Blog #1 from Lowri, our Ambassador

Blog #1 from Lowri, our Ambassador

It is with great excitement that I am writing my very first blog as the RWAS Ambassador for 2020!!

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the Pembrokeshire team as last year’s Feature County, and thank Seimon and Eleanor, and especially Emily for your friendship and support over the last 12 months. You have a very special team over there and it’s been really valuable to watching you go about your awareness raising and fundraising.

For those of who don’t know me, here’s a bit about me- I’m from Efenechtyd, a little hamlet just outside Ruthin and work as an International Marketing Manager at the Welsh Government. I am really close to my mum and dad, Clwyd and Sian and my sister Mari who lives in Cardiff and their support over the past 12 months has been amazing. I enjoy helping out on the family farm at evenings and weekends, volunteer for the Youth Justice Services, a bit of shooting and skiing when I get time (probably not a lot in 2020!), and generally socialising with friends and family. As I shadowed Emily last year I became involved in #CowsOnTour walking Snowdon and helped with some arrangements for the ‘roadshow’ last May- #CowsonTour is so important in the current climate that I will do what I can to help the group to keep doing it.

My focus as Ambassador Elect has been in supporting the county effort, managing the merchandise, web and social media presence and assisting with the organisation and management of the fundraising events that we’ve held. Over the summer, Clwyd 2020 had a presence in 14 of our county shows, where in addition to selling our merchandise we raised awareness of the Society, its 3 main events and the Feature County system. If you’ve not yet purchased your merchandise, head over to our website or @Clwyd2020 on social media to see what we’ve got and put your order in.

We’ve also been really busy organising events, which have included a camel race, a 20.20 mile walk, President’s Dinner with Amanda Owen, the Yorkshire Shepherdess, bingo and race nights, a Country Fair and much more. We’re also really busy filling in our 2020 calendar with tractor runs, spring ball, brunch, concerts and much more coming up in the next couple of months.

We have various committee’s and groups across the county working on fundraising and myself and Harry, our President try to attend as many as we can to support out fundraising team. Funds raised by Clwyd 2020 Feature County will be going towards building a new exhibition centre with new offices. The centre will be utilised for exhibiting dairy produce in the Summer Show and carcases in the Winter Fair; it will also incorporate new Members facilities and a family room.

Next month I will share some details about some of the larger events that we are organising and a bit about my project as Ambassador, where I am taking the significance of 2020 and commit to doing 20 things in 2020 to promote the RWAS Society objectives.

I'll see you all soon,